Event Details

  • Classes: VI-VIII
  • Topics: A website for an ONLINE CODING BOOT CAMP that you are hosting.
  • No. of Participants per Team: 2
  • No. of Rounds: 2
  • Software Allowed: HTML, CSS, JavaScript along with external libraries
  • Event Head: Kashvi Sah
  • Contact Info : [email protected]
  • Submission : Click here for Google Form

General Guidelines


  • The website can have upto 5 web pages.

  • Use of templates is not allowed.

  • The code should be properly commented

  • Submission: A ZIP/RAR file of the code along with all media files to be uploaded in the form.

  • The participants have to present their website to the judges in the final round.

  • Finals

  • Finalists will present and explain their websites to the judges, and can be questioned about it

Judgement Criteria

  • Overall presentation and creativity

  • Functionality and responsiveness

  • Commented code

  • Originality